My new baby – thank you, my friends!

My new crowdfunded camera, a Canon 7D.

My new crowdfunded camera, a Canon 7D.

My new camera arrived in the mail today!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my camera malfunctioned on me during a festival this summer. During a rapid firing session aimed at Nightwish singer Floor Jansen there was some sort of shutter problem, the mirror suddenly decided to latch itself onto the roof of the camera house and refused to come back down. As I had the mirror box replaced a year and a half ago, and it cost me about 300 euros, and it was a Canon 50D, and you can get a used 50D for about 300 euros today, I really didn’t feel like getting it repaired again – and to be honest, at the time I didn’t have 300 euros to spare. So I thought, what the hell, I was going to upgrade any way sooner or later, I’ll just save up and buy a new one.

The only problem was, I am going to New York this winter and all the money I can put aside really has to go into that trip. So I decided to just suck it up with my old spare camera, which really is quite inadequate if you want to do anything serious, but I thought I could manage half a year without any serious photography work.

But lo and behold! – a group of 37 fabulous friends ganged up and passed the hat between them so that I could buy myself a new camera! So in early September I was presented with the most amazing birthday gift of my life. (I had turned 30 three months earlier.) Not only did I get a beautiful card that played Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Were Made For Walking, with a promise of a HUGE sum (well we’re talking three digits, but as far as birthday presents go, that is gigantic!) of camera money. A good portion of them also turned up for a very sneaky surprise drinking night, and awesomeness ensued, needless to say.

Well, I was stunned for a good few hours and didn’t really know what to make of the situation, and probably didn’t thank everyone involved as well as I should have. But it certainly reminded me (not for the first time) of how incredibly lucky I am to have such awesome friends. And with this blog post I want to thank each and everyone involved for the small sum you all contributed with – but more than anything, for the thought behind it, which in the end means so much more than a new camera. Thank you!
And needless to say, I think no less of the friends that didn’t contribute, it was all a matter of who the instigator of the prank knew, more or less.

And the result: I decided to go with a Canon 7D, since it is a camera that I am somewhat familiar with, it is a good fast shooter and holds up well in low light circumstances, such as gigs. It is also a step up from the XXD series, and it is not a full frame camera, which means all my old lenses will work with it. And with the onset of the new 6D and 60D cameras, people seemed to be slumping away their old 7D:s to manageable prices.

After vacuuming the web for a few weeks and almost getting ripped off by a scammer, getting beat to the chase a couple of time, I found a decent offer of a slightly used 7D for 700 euros, which meant I didn’t have to add too much to the gift money. Another contributing factor was that the guy selling it was a professional photographer (and massager, bizarrely), so I was pretty sure he had kept it well, I suspect as a backup camera. You can check out his portfolio here, btw.


Crystal Rain at Semifinal, Helsinki around 2010.

Crystal Rain at Semifinal, Helsinki around 2010.

And tomorrow (umm, today, it’s 1:30 am) I’ll get the chance to take the new baby for a spin at the cult festival Trash Fest in Helsinki. It’s really a one of a kind thing, conceived by American Jo “Mama Trash” Sheldon, that brings together glam/sleaze/goth rock bands from all over the world, many of who return year after year, making it a great family reunion. This is the 6th installation, and for me it will be the 3rd visit. I’m also a bit excited to have my gig photos as a backdrop for the band Crystal Rain, that I have followed on the Helsinki gig circuit for some years, and was happy to shoot promotional shots for earlier this year. You can check out pics from earlier Trash Fests here and here, and Crystal Rain shots here and here.

ToxicRose at Trash Fest V at Gloria, Helsinki in 2012.

ToxicRose at Trash Fest V at Gloria, Helsinki in 2012.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who financed my camera, and if you’re in Helsinki, come and check out the bizarre event that is Trash Fest this weekend in Gloria! Cheers!


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