A pic a day

I will now commit to shooting one picture each day and to uploading them whenever possible.

I started on September 1 2011 and will go on for exactly a year.

Wish me luck!

September 6, 2011

"We sat there for about an hour, and nothing was happening. And then all of a sudden we saw this light. It was just like a train coming. A bright light coming at us, with a little red light towards the bottom." We drove straight at it, we drove, and drove, and drove. And all of a sudden the light was gone. When we looked around, it was right behind us!" -- Serge Gareau


September 4, 2011

"You know, what I think I love the most about her is her in-born need to dominate, posess. In fact, immediately after the consummation of her marriage to the smaller and weaker male of the specie, she kills and eats him. Oo-hoo, she is delicious!" -- Vincent Price


September 3, 2011

As I stood there by my grandfather's old boat, a strange feeling came over me. As if I was never to be a man who has a boat of his own, or a house, a family. It seemed as a fantasy world to which I was not invited.


September 2, 2011

With the last heat of the sun still clinging to summer, autumn finally made its way to my basket, filling it with earthy, damp, luscious smells and the warm colors of hearthfire evenings, before soon giving in to winter's chill.

September 1, 2o11

"My idol as far as rock journalists go is Nalle Österman. He is totally ruthless." -- Janne Strang, rock journalist


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One response to “A pic a day

  1. Nice idea. I wish you luck, brother.
    Hope to see you soon!
    – Jeps

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