Janne learns to shoot pt 3

Just a tip for anyone planning to shoot a promo pic outdoor. At night. With multiple flashes. And tinted mood lights. Get. A. Decent. Lighting. Rig. And. Radio. Triggers. Using a 1.5 meter off-shoe flash cord with one flash on a hand held monopod and the other on a mini tripod with a light activated trigger piece AND heavy duty softboxes is just plain and simple PA!N. Especially when you’ve had a couple of beers, decide to sprawl on the ground for a frog perspective, zooming while trying to hold the monopod with one hand – the off-shoe flash cord now strung out to the max threatening to rip the camera out of your other hand.  At least the band got a good laugh.

Well, the only problem is that decent tripods cost a fortune, not to mention decent radio triggers. I got a pair of cheap Chinese triggers. Did they work? F*ck. For the real stuff, like two receivers and one transmitter, you have to pay around 300-400 euros. A decent tripod is about 100 euros. On the bright side: at least I’m learning this the hard way.

Anyhow, I  got a few decent shots of garage punkers Erwin Preston – a band you just have to see live. The singer Iina kicks some serious ass (and her own ain’t all that bad looking in latex either).

Erwin Preston

Oh, and btw: sleep is for pussies. Work in two hours.


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