Berlin, my love

A short update: First of all I want to thank my dear old friend Jeppe and my dear new friend Denitsa for a wonderful time in Berlin. You were great hosts.


Three days is far too short a time to spend in Berlin, but fortunately I had some great guides to show me a few places I never would have found on my own, such as the bizarre outdoor karaoke at a huge amfitheater with hundreds of people cheering the singer, the (n)ostalgia bar Die Tagung – old Bar Loose now moved to East Berlin, and the freaky but ultimately cool and cozy nightclub Madame Claude, an avantgarde music bar with everything upside down, situated in an old brothel.


All the old shops, markets and bakeries that have completely disappeared from Finland. Every street seems to have it’s own little bakery shop that serves hearty breakfeasts and snacks into the night. And the bars seem to have no closing times at all.

Saw the complex play that Jeppe directed from Gertrude Stein’s incomprehenseable prose lyric on the sixth floor of an old brick building, chatted with actors smoking in the staircase, watched Jeppe perform Simon & Garfunkel songs on his guitar with an Austrian juggler on the U-Bahn, got drunk, laughed, sang, slept with a teddy bear and smiled a lot. Thank you.

Spilling beer in the park


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One response to “Berlin, my love

  1. Loved to have you!
    We’ll have to do it again someday!

    See you in Hellsinki, my friend.

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