My survival kit

I just finished prepping my tool kit. Now to you, it may look like your average medium sized camera bag, but I call it the I-can-now-pick-up-and-leave-anytime-I-want-kit. At the time I took this pic, the bag contains:

  1. One camera
  2. Two lenses
  3. An empty space for the camera + lense I used to take the picture
  4. A camera battery charger + cable
  5. A camera card reader + cable
  6. A USB-stick
  7. An extra camera battery
  8. A lense cleaner
  9. A portable sound recorder
  10. 6 standard alkaline batteries
  11. A notebook
  12. 4 pens
  13. A change of underwear + socks
  14. A clean t-shirt
  15. A towel
  16. Savett cleansing wipes
  17. Compresses
  18. Paper handkerchiefs
  19. Blister pads
  20. Band aid
  21. Gauze
  22. Hydrocortisone ointment
  23. Scissors
  24. Ear plugs
  25. A piece of soap
  26. A toothbrush
  27. Toothpaste
  28. Pain killers
  29. Diarrhea pills
  30. Indegestion pills
  31. A plastic bag
  32. A lighter
  33. Matches
  34. Sunglasses
  35. Bus money

UPDATE: Oh I forgot, there’s also a couple of rubber bands, a piece of string and a mobile phone charger in there.

Why? Well, there’s actually five reasons. The first one is that as a journalist, I can, if needed, go on a day-long assignment, or even over night without worriyng about clean clothes or getting clean. Second, I tend to end up in weird places after a night out, often having to do some more or less official business the day after. This way I don’t need to run around town – just take a shower, change and head off. And I’ve got all the hangover medication I need. Third, it’s a great festival kit. Four, it’s all the luggage I need for a weekend trip. Five, you just never fucking know what’s gonna happen. Now I’m always ready – down to getting cut or hurt or just needing bus money to get home from where ever I happen to be.

Only downside: It weighs a bit more than before. 😉


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  1. mamman

    Moomin mom?

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