Signing out from Ny Tid

Sipping on a glass of sparkling, cleaning out my desk, Willo is putting the last hand to this weeks issue of Ny Tid magazine before Fredrik will do a last read-through, and then off to the printer.

Feels strange to not ride tram N:o 8 tomorrow, not smoke a fag outside the steel doors of the elevator, riding the slow old fright lift to the 5th floor, feeling late, saying good morning, drinking coffee, cracking a wise-ass word joke with the wonderful staff.

This has, without doubt, been the best working experience of my life, and although it hasn’t been a monetarily rich life, it’s been a blast. I have gotten to know the excentric, passionate, sometimes a bit awkward and bickering, but completely unique family pf people that surrounds Ny Tid and hopefully I have played a small part in getting a new generation of readers excited about the product. It is truly a one-of-a-kind-magazine and I sincerely hope that the financing issues that await for next year will be sorted out. Otherwise Ill be back to work for free. 😉

Thank you everyone: Peter, Nora, Solveig, Fredrik, My, Bella, Erik, Chribbe, Willo, the guys at Tigern (I’ll be seeing you, though), Tigertext, all the freelancers and contributors I’ve gotten to know, and the staff at Hima & Sali (for the supply of coffee and cigarettes).



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