How to tour in a band or whatever

This must be one of the best lists of advice ever. Great for any band, tight group of people working together … or whatever.

1. Don’t Complain.  Bitching, moaning, whining is tour cancer. If something is wrong, fix it or shut the fuck up you fucking dick. Goddamn.
2. If you fart, claim it.
3. Don’t Lose shit. Everybody loses shit. Don’t fucking do it. Asshole.
4. Don’t fuck anyone in the band. There are tons of people to fuck who are not in this band. Dumbass.
5. If you feel like shit all the time, drink less beer at the gig. You will play better & feel better. What are you…..a child? Some have the endurance for self abuse. Most don’t.
6. Remember the soundman’s name. He will do a better job.
7. Eat oranges. Cures constipation & prevents colds.
8. Masturbate, duh… Where & when? Be creative. You’re an artist right?
9. If YOU cant carry your suitcase 3 blocks, it’s too goddamn big.
10. Respect public space in the van. Don’t clutter, you Fuck.

The author

11. If you borrow something, return it. Not Fucked Up.
12. Do Not let the promoter dick you or talk you out of the guarantee. If there were not enough people there, it’s their fault.
13. Driver picks the music.
14. One navigator only (usually sitting shotgun). Everyone else, shut the fuck up.
15. Soundcheck is for checking sounds. Shut the fuck up while everyone else is checking.
16. Don’t wander off. Let someone know where you are.
17. Clean up after yourself. What are you…a goddamn toddler?
18. Touring makes everyone bi-polar. Ride the waves as best you can, and remember, moods pass, so don’t make any snap decisions or declarations when you are drunk or insane.
19. Fast food is Poison.
20. The guestlist is for friends, family & people you might want to fuck. Everyone else can pay. They have day jobs.
21. Dont evaluate your whole life while you’re sitting in a janitor closet waiting to go on. You think you’re above having shitty days at work? Shut up & do your goddamn job.

This list was written under the influence of lots of esspresso & anti-depressants while on tour w/ such greats as Shearwater, Swans, Smog, Lisa Germano, Angels of Light, Bill Callahan, & many more. I hope this list will help you get along w/ your co-workers whatever your job is. Contributions to the list by Jordan Geiger, Kimberly Burke, Brian Orloff, Brian Phillips Celebrity Gang Bang, Kevin Schneider, Jonathan Meiburg, Michael Gira and some other folks.


Humppe’s edit: This list was actually written by Angels of Light drummer Thor, and I ripped it from Amanda Palmer’s blog. Apparently it was written way back in -04 and is considered as a classic. 😉



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3 responses to “How to tour in a band or whatever

  1. Vivi

    Oj, helt kult! Amanda Fucking Palmer är annars en av mina personliga favoriter. Visste du att hon och Neil Gaiman gick och gifte sig? Jag visste inte ens att de date:ade! Men nu är jag avundsjuk på dem båda något otroligt. Helst skulle jag nästla in mig i deras äktenskap som en tredje del, en liten “pikku nälkä” som skulle dyka upp vid fotändan av deras säng just sådär under olämpliga tillfällen och kräva att få vara med.

    • JO VITTU JAG SKA MÖRDA NEIL GAIMAN!!! Nånä om jag är villig att dela henne med nån, så är det kanske just Neil Gaiman, men jag är fortfarande lite in denial misstänker jag.

      Johan är ju också en viking, så det är väl inte så konstigt.

  2. Vivi

    I övrigt så liknar Thor Johan något fruktansvärt…

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