Sunny Outside

May. Sunny outside. Sitting at the office of Ny Tid waiting for the assisting editor Bella to get back so I can be told that my book review is too long and I’ll have to cut one third of it. Brilliant.

Last Friday I took part in my first ever live role play. True Blood-theme. Despite my reservations, it turned out to be fun as hell, once you got into the mindset. Kinda like theatre without a script. Unfortunately it didn’t feel right to be snapping pictures while in character, so I just have a few pics from at quick meeting earlier in the day.

Thursday I saw The Cajunga in Helsinki and got my wallet stolen by a pick-pocket on the way home. So now I have to renew my driver’s license and all my bank cards and stuff. And until I get my new shit, I have to go to the bank office to withdraw money. Which means that my new camera is still sitting pretty in the post office. Cool.

(Yes, the review was too long by about 1400 marks)

Frida W

And unfortunately the pic of Frida Westerback I mantioned in last post turned out all weird in the paper. Hate it when something looks good on screen but terrible in print. Here’s a better one online. And some other stuff from the archives.

Ny Tid's new producer Christian "Chribbe" Aarnio

An old pic of artist Sebastian Lindberg in front of his photography in Galleria Huuto. Published in January, if I remember correctly.

Another oldie, director Arn-Henrik Blomqvist



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2 responses to “Sunny Outside

  1. Vivi

    Thank you for participating! Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself! You were playing your drug dealing, Lafayett-character really well! All the experienced role players were asking me like “is it really his first larp?”

    Eyes open on this thread on Eloria’s forum to receive roses for your performance.

    • Nice to hear I didn’t make a complete fool out of myself (well I participated in a larp so guess there’s not much dignity to save anyway 😉 ), but I guess my years of youth on stage kinda helped me along. I really enjoyed it, thanks again Vivi and all other prticipants. Of course I had most interaction with Johan & Johan & Calle, you’re true artists, guys.

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