Happy man

Hey everybody again. I’m not very good at this blogging business am I?

Well, lots of stuff been going on. Ny Tid has announced the name of the stand-in editor-in-chief for the time of Nora’s maternity leave. And to my great joy it is an old friend of mine named Fredrik Sonck with whom I actually applied to the job as editor for Studentbladet some years ago (unfortunately for us, they thought we were too close friends to run the shop together). My Lindelöf has now replaced Solveig as assisting editor, and she in turn will be replaces by another old friend of mine, Isabella Rothberg, this summer. We also have a new producer, which we are all very happy about since it takes a lot of work off our shoulders. You’ll get to know him better in the next edition of Ny Tid.

A happy man cranking a musical box

On a more personal note, I’ve been suffering from a bad cold this week and my savings from the autumn are now finally drying up, so now I really have to start living thin. That hasn’t stopped me from photographing, though. A lot of great opportunities for portrait shoots, as you have seen in previous posts, and today I made an interview and shot psychologist Frida Westerback and got some really nice frames, I’ll put them up as soon as they get published in the mag. And on the way back to the office I met a wonderful old man playing the accordion in the street and couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of him.

A happy man cranking a musical box

Below is also a bit of this and that from the past weeks. Those of you interested in music can check out my latest pictures from Vanity Ink’s gig at On the Rocks at http://janwass.kuvat.fi (in the folder Concerts) – I’m quite happy with the result.

And now I’ve finally booked my first session at a professional photo studio, in May I’ll be shooting away at International Party Girls and Jane Distortion, and perhaps a third band as well. I’ll keep you posted.

National 112-day at Kamppi shopping centre

Police officer discussing the procession of a demonstration with an activist at Hakaniemi square

"Full sympathy for the strikers" says the banner at this demonstration organized by Vastavoima

Young activists preparing for the demo demanding better rights for workers

The red standard still waves in the wind in Hakaniemi

That’s all for the moment, folks, I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible! Cheers!


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