Lasse hiding from the cold rays of day

I haven’t actually shot proper press shots with a high quality camera since I worked at Åbo Underrättelser news paper (if you don’t count the band pics I’ve taken, but rock photography really is a breed of its own). So one of the cool things that have come with my civilian service at Ny Tid is the chance to try my hand at good old-fashioned press portraits once again – with the added bonus of having some knowledge of image editing, which I didn’t have back in the days. Since I still don’t have any formal training in the matter, it’s still a largely trial-and-error-based process, but I have come up with a few tricks that I hope will one day come to give my pictures a personal touch. Here are a few portraits from the last month and a half. Above and below are two pics of cartoonists Lasse Garoff and Jason Weckman which didn’t end up in the paper.

A clear-eyed Jason

Icelandic author/director Andri Snær Magnason standing outside Mbar.

Reporter/author Tomas Jansson at the set of his debut play Bunden (again a pic not featured in the paper)

Culture worker Nina Gran at the city of Helsinki

Iraqi-Finnish video artist Adel Abidin at the press opening of his installation at the Finnish museum of contemporary art, Kiasma.

I know I promised some pics from the theatre rehearsals in Dalsbruk, but I already put up some backstage pics at Facebook, and I’m gonna have to hang on to the other shots until we manage to open a new website, so have patiance, folks.


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