Back to basics (thanx Helen)

Ok guys n girls n all ye others. This was actually supposed to be a photoblog, but it kind of started to swell out into a lot of other stuff as I got going. Lately, though, I’ve been a bit lazy since I haven’t felt I’ve had enough to say. So with some encouragement from a photographer I admire, Helen Korpak, I decided to try to go back to the original idea. Still gonna write a bit of this and that when I get inspired, but first and foremost, I’ll try to upload pics more often.

Today (tonight) I have a pic describing my work at Ny Tid.

The glorified garbage man

And just for the record, the Depeche Mode gig was a blast. Nuff said. Tomorrow I’ll check out a journalist seminar at Soc&kom, maybe I’ll post some pics from there. ciao.



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2 responses to “Back to basics (thanx Helen)

  1. Jee, ässä! Och man rodnar ju av komplimangen, host harkel och hettande kinder. Tack Janne! Super att du gör/ fortsätter kombiblogg!
    Snygga lampor på redaktionen!
    Jag vill också på keikka!

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