A new year, but with some tears

Yes, I’m back. Took a bit of a midwinter vacation.
First of all I’d like to wish you all a good beginning on the new year. For some of us last year ended in tears – and for those, prospects of a happy new year without any tears must seem farfetched. On the last day of December, a man with a gun went on a killing spree in Espoo, shooting his ex-girlfriend, four of her co-workers and finally himself. Families and friends of six persons looking forward to another year of joy and laughter find themselves in grief and anxiety. Six lives are abruptly ended before their time.
My promise for this year 2010 and for the rest of my life is to cherish my life and the opportunities I have been given. Disaster may strike at any time and just like those six unlucky human beings my days on this earth could suddenly be at an end. Will those who love me at least have the consolation of knowing that I lived my life to the full, or will they grieve over all I did not do? The world is full of opportunities, I shall no longer waste them watching TV.

My place of work at the old cable factory Kaapeli

On a lighter note: I have now started my “real” civilian service at Ny Tid weekly. The mag used to be a Swedish-language forum for the Leftist Party of Finland – but because of financial reasons the party dumped it, and it is nowadays a (party-)politically independent magazine – even though the unofficial ties to the Leftist Party are still strong. It is still a leftist magazine, but also works as one of the few free and independent culture magazines in Swedish Finland – one might perhaps see it as a Swedish version of Voima – although it is not a free café mag. It is mainly read by the left wing intelligenzia and culture people and is constantly in economic twilight.
My chores are wide in range – I have the dubious honor of working as a cleaner and garbage man for the mag, as well as overall errand boy, doing stuff like picking up the mail, driving out magazines, shopping etc. But I am also expected to write articles, take photos and edit the magazine – which I look forward to.
Monday was cleaning day – as well as the day for taking out half a year’s worth of paper for recycling. Tuesday I helped organize a party for the co-workers and staff and today I started doing research for an interview with playwright Tomas Jansson, which was booked over a glass of mould wine late Tuesday evening.
That’s me in a nutshell right now, see ya later.


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