Pirates and armless midgets

Yeah, we’re back in our little rat hole. Not much luxury here, but we’ve got our beds, our laptops and a conciderable amount of drawer space. Me and Juuso live in House A on the first floor, or the so called D floor in room number 5. Approximately 30 other young men share our hall, which has a bathroom/showers at one end and a small TV room at the other. This week is our cleaning week, which means that we and the guys from two other rooms see to that the hallway, the bathroom and the TV room stay clean and pristine. Much emphasis is laid on cleaning now in swine flu time.

Our luxurious bunks

The weekend went by nicely. On Friday we left on two packed buses for Helsinki. I started my Friday evening with a good concert by Landscape Generator at Club Lepakkomies in Kallio. I later found myself at a very strange party for theater and culture folks. It involved a dj, a lot of dancing, professional dancers doing an improvised dance show, a stripping room with a dancing pole, with a camera and the image from the room spread out on a huge canvas. Yes, the actor girls went all the way by the pole. As if that was not enough, at one point a small plastic room with headphones was lowered from the ceiling, creating a private discoteque. And oh, did I mention the armless midget dancing in the nude? Yes, he was there too. After this rather refreshing, but utterly strange night, I decided to rest the remainder of the weekend…

Yesterday was an official job seeking day, and since I already know where I’m going to serve once I get away from Lapinjärvi, I had the day off. I still decided to take a walk up to Ny Tid magazine and sign my contract. I also found the time to record a character for a radio play at YLE.

The civilian servants here are really warming up to the issue of politics. One of the guys here is something of a spokesperson for the newly formed Pirate Party, and he held a short presentation followed by a lively debate on the whole piracy movement. I find the notion of internet piracy interesting and I agree with the advocats for piracy that the old fashioned system of copyright laws are outdated. As such the laws now simply serve as money stones for big companies and the so called Lex Karpela in Finland is utterly ridiculous inaswhere that it actually prohibits the copying of for example a movie from your laptop onto a dvd. Or moving music from your hard drive to your mp3-player. But the problem with the piracy movement is that it really hasn’t got a credible alternative to the copyright laws. The movement advocates free usage of artistic products such as movies and music, but still maintains that the producer of the art should get compensation for his/her work. In answer to my question today, even the “spokesperson” admitted that the movement actually haven’t figured this problem out yet. So in actuality, we now have a political movement trying to force a law change. But they don’t know what law they want, only what they don’t want, which I find to be a rather flimsy base for a political party. We also had a very long and interesting debate on democracy and voting, but I might return to that topic later.

And I just watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on my laptop. See ya later!


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