Slave to nonexisting routines

Someone broke the fucking bathroom sink!

I mean, I’m impressed by the fact that someone actually managed to physically break the goddamn bathroom sink. It all happaned during the night when one of the civilian servants got home from the legendary Hanhi bar in Lapinjärvi. The guy eventually confessed that it was an accident, but still, pretty impressive.

Well, today we actually had a proper discussion about politics and with some guidance people managed to be a little more creative today than yesterday. Our test results showed that most of the lot is a pretty liberal leftist crowd (surprise surprise), at least in our group. But I am surprised by the absence of the anarchist falang. Most of the discussion was taken up by thoughts on economy and business. A few voices were raised in defense of big company owners, who should have all the right in the world to collect million euro profits of their companies. Others weren’t quite as willing to stack half of the world’s monetary resources in the hands of a few big owners. The concept of democracy was also debated, but cut short by the lecturer who wanted to bring the subject up next week. Well, pretty much a college one-on-one discussion, but apparently some of the attendants found it really interesting.

Perhaps the most awarding part of the day was a showing of a documentary partly filmed here about three young men, one who chooses the army, one the civilian service and a third who goes to jail as a conscientious objector. Made me think about my role in this whole charade that is compulsory military service. But I’ll return to that later.

Me and Juuso cleaned our room this evening, and if it passes (which i am sure it will since it is in better shape now than when we arrived, we found some underwear under one of the bunks that isn’t ours and cleaned up some old stains on the floor while we were at it), I will get my bus ticket to Helsinki in the morning for a weekend off.

The guys going at it with a game of chess

So, all in all, the day passed nicely. Where in the army you are required to follow numerous strict routines, here you are actually required to create routines for yourself to keep yourself from falling into depression. It would be all too easy to get drunk every evening, but in the service of the state you can’t afford that. So your day revolvs around lectures and dining hours and in between you just have to design some kind of pattern to stick to. Myself, I will try to go for a walk after the last lecture, arrive back in time for an evening snack, maybe have a coffee and a chat with the guys and then write on this blog.

Others jam in the band garage, some play chess, ping pong or Playstation and others, like me, use the time for reading and writing. And some simply get drunk. But overall, the guys here seem like a pretty responsible and mature crowd. Wednesdays seem to be the party day, so today we had some hung over boys in the classroom, but apart from that most people usually seem to head back to the farm around 10 pm.

Tomorrow I’m in Helsinki, see you there!


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